Frequently Asked Questions

How long has Bighorn Rental and Sales been in operation?

Bighorn Rental has been in operation since 2014. We have recently moved to a new location across from Kleffner Ranch on 9 Hydraulic Lane…just Head South on HWY 518, just 1.2 miles from East Helena.

What areas around Helena does Bighorn Rental and Sales service?

We serve East Helena & Helena, as well as all surrounding areas/counties up to 50+ mile radius.

What type of equipment does Bighorn Rent?

We rent large equipment like forklifts, skidsteers, excavators, mini-loaders, compaction rollers, hydroseeders, concrete grinders, concrete saws & breakers, generators, compressors, water pumps, heaters, flooring tools such as sanders and nailers…and many other small hand tools, including lawn and garden equipment.

What else does Bighorn sell?

We sell a lot of equipment (new & used), but also sell grass seed, fertilizer, lifting straps, loader & excavator teeth, concrete supplies/tools, concrete and asphalt blades, work gloves and some decorative metal art.

Can I pay with a credit card?

Yes, we accept all forms of payment.

I don't have a truck, can Bighorn Rental and Sales bring the equipment to me?

Yes, we can deliver, but some restrictions apply. We do contract w/ a few delivery and trucking companies.

Can I book in advance to reserve equipment?

Yes, we suggest reserving equipment.

What discounts, if any, do you offer - any military, bundle purchases etc?

We offer some discounts over Holidays, weekend Specials, also some multi-item discounts may apply.

Did you move locations?

We moved to a new location in 2020. We encourage you to stop by and check out our new facility and new equipment.

Does Bighorn Rental and Sales sell new or used equipment?

We sell new & used equipment. We can special order, and are set up with many vendors & we have very competitive prices.

Do you rent large equipment for commercial use?

We rent small & large equipment for residential and commercials use.

Why should I choose Bighorn Rental and Sales over another rental agency?

Choose Bighorn for great customer service, good variety of equipment, equipment knowledge, clean & safe equipment, and some of the latest models!

Do you have technicians that can run the equipment for me?

Occasionally we can offer our services to operate the equipment, but if not, we can give you the best referral or direction to take care of your needs.

Do you sell rocks or top soil?

We do sell rocks & screened top soil, some items are seasonal, but we will be expanding our product line to help support our growing community & surrounding areas.

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